Everything for Letterpress and Printmaking.
Everything for Letterpress and Printmaking.

parts & ROLLERS.

It is very unlikely that parts will be available for presses dating back a hundred years or more, so parts are made as needed. AMR Logan Press manufacture and keep in stock those parts for Arab presses that are most in demand, including cast iron treadles complete with forged connecting rods, frisket fingers, rollers, runners and roller bars, leather roller bearers and machine chases.

If any bearings or parts need to be cast in bronze, such as grippers or tympan bars, then patterns are made and taken to one of the foundries used by AMR Logan Press. Parts are then finished in the lathe and on the milling machine and finally polished.

Roller stocks can be recovered in soft rubber ideal for letterpress inking. If the roller stocks and runners are not available, we can manufacture them and will need to take precise measurements from the press. Other parts include tympans, friskets, nuts, bolts, brackets and even complete mechanisms from all sorts of rare presses.

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