Everything for Letterpress and Printmaking.
Everything for Letterpress and Printmaking.


AMR Logan Press are experienced press movers. Having vast experience moving presses for individuals, small studios and institutions and workshops, whether it may be moving a press from one side of a room to another, a garden studio or a complete studio move to new premises. This work always needs to be carried out safely for the presses, buildings and the people involved.

We have our own vehicles and specialist equipment which allow us to disassemble presses. Presses usually need to be stripped and rebuilt, so experience is vital, not only with practical knowledge of the engineering involved, but also being able to plan the logistics of moving and storage if necessary. We are almost permanently travelling the length and breadth of the UK and occasionally abroad.

When presented with particularly challenging machines or circumstances, AMR Logan Press has access to larger vehicles and cranes. And have long-standing, trusted relationships with specialist contract machine movers when extra equipment is needed.