Everything for Letterpress and Printmaking.
Everything for Letterpress and Printmaking.


Colebrook, Evans & McKenzie

AMR Logan Press will be having a clearance sale and Open Day on Saturday 29th October 2022 from 10am until 4pm at Crown Works, 21d Orchard Road, Finedon, Northants. NN9 5JG

Type cabinets, galley racks, hand rollers, paper, lead cutters, proofing presses, composing sticks, nipping presses, laying presses, blank notebooks, litho stones, compositors’ saw, workbenches, library table, mounting base, furniture, quoins, quoin keys, stone litho presses, platen presses, light box, hand litho rollers, folding machine, aquatint cabinet, ink stands, chases, Monotype boxes, type, etc., etc.

Written by Patrick Roe on 24 October 2022
Category: News